Escape to the countryside of South Western France

Chateau Montfort

Winter’s Day


Stanley, full flight and turbo-powered!

A brief post to wish you all a very happy Chinese Year of the Dog!

These pics were taken on one of our daily dog walks with Stanley (the wire-haired dachshund) and Adelaide, the standard poodle. There’s an old Roman road on the ridge behind Montfort lined with sweet chestnuts and oak trees. On a clear day, it feels like to you can reach out and touch the Pyrenees from there. If ever walking feels like a chore, it certainly doesn’t when you reach the top of the hill!

Hugo, watching the sun rise on the Gin and Tonnic Terrace


There are advantages to being low to the ground!


One of the local village houses; typically BĂ©arnaise and so pretty



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